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DataBoy is an RS-232 data scope that runs on a Game Boy. This type of instrument is also known as a serial line monitor or protocol analyzer. DataBoy consists of a cartridge that plugs into a standard Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, or Game Boy Advance SP console, converting the Game Boy into a useful engineering/troubleshooting tool.


  • Setup page allows selectable baud rate, data bits, parity, and stop bits. Power-on default settings can be set by user.
  • Captures and displays RS-232 asynchronous serial data traffic on RXD and TXD lines simultaneously.
  • ASCII and hexadecimal display modes.
  • Freeze mode allows review of data captured in buffer.
  • Color LCD display. 16 rows of 20 characters are used to display alternating rows of RXD and TXD data in two distinct colors.
  • Error status indicators (parity, framing, break).
  • Line status page shows updated state of signal lines using simulated red/green LEDs.
  • DIP switches allow user to assert an active high RS-232 level on DTR, DSR, CTS, RTS signals.
  • Record serial data into flash memory for playback (DataBoy Plus).
  • Time-stamps (DataBoy Plus).
  • Multi-drop mode is compatible with gaming industry 9-bit SAS protocol and Raymarine SeaTalk protocol (DataBoy Plus).
  • Upload captured data to a PC.
  • Help screens explain how to use the instrument.
  • Field upgradable software.
  • Comes with a 5' ribbon cable with male and female DB9 connectors.

DataBoy Cartridge

DataBoy Plus


Test Drive (DataBoy Plus)

Why Game Boy?

Game Boy Color vs. Game Boy Advance

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DataBoy on Game Boy Advance SP.

DataBoy on Game Boy Advance.

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DataBoy on Game Boy Color.